Vision and Mission

The AYSF represents and defends the interests of yoga Sports in Asia
and of its member Federations.
The Objectives of the AYSF are:
  • To govern the Yoga sport in Asia.
  • To promote, develop, spread and support of Yoga Sports on the whole Asian Continent and all affiliated countries according to AYSF Art.81 .
  • To co-ordinate efforts for safe and healthy physical and moral development in yoga Sports and the practice of all sports activities relating to it.
  • To fight against all forms of doping violence and sports injustice.
  • To plan, organize and realize of the AYSF events.
  • To contribute and to consolidate, friendship amongst Yoga Sports Athletes, Coaches, Judges and Asian nations.
  • To co-operate with international institutions and organizations in particular the Australasian Yoga Sports Federation Australia .