How to Properly Clean a Diamond Ring

Whether you’re sprucing up your engagement ring for a special occasion or cleaning dirt off of a diamond ring that’s seen better days, you’ll want to use proper techniques to clean a diamond ring. When you clean a diamond ring properly, you help preserve it for the next generation and avoid costly jewelry repairs and replacements.

We’ve listed the proper way to clean a diamond ring below, so read on to find out more!

How to clean a ring

When it comes to cleaning dirty diamonds, you’ll need to use the right solutions. While you can buy ring cleaning solution, it’s just as easy — and sometimes less expensive — to make your own solution.

Simply combine dish soap (one that’s free of harsh chemicals and other materials that would degrade the diamond ring) and some water that is warm almost to the point of being hot. Once you’ve mixed the solution together and dissolved the soap, take a very soft-bristled brush, such as an extra-soft toothbrush, and dip it in the solution. Then, carefully scrub away any grime or dirt.

During this process, apply minimal pressure to avoid damaging the ring. When you’re looking for the perfect spots to scrub, keep an eye out for hazy or cloudy areas on the ring. These usually indicate a layer of dirt. With some very warm, soapy water, these areas will shine as good as new once you’re done.

Once you’ve brushed away any gunk, swish the ring in the warm, soapy water and then let it sit in the solution for up to three minutes. After two or three minutes, remove the ring from the solution and get ready to rinse it off.

Before you rinse the diamond ring, it’s absolutely imperative that you close the drain to your sink tightly. Any gaps in the closure of the drain could result in trying to fish your beloved, valuable ring out of the sink pipes. Once you’ve ensured that the drain is closed tightly, you can rinse the soapy solution off of the ring.

After the ring has been rinsed, take a dry, lint-free rag and pat the ring dry. Take care since this piece of jewelry may be delicate. You don’t want to scratch the ring by buffing it aggressively. Don\\\’t use a cloth that is not lint-free, or you may have fuzz sticking to the ring as it dries.

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