About AYSF

Building a Strong and Vibrant Yoga Sports Community

about aysfThe Asian Yoga Sports Federation (AYSF) is the recognized Asian governing authority for yoga sports by the International Yoga Sports Council (IYSC) and the Australasian Yoga Sports Federation (AAYSF) Australia. 

Founded on December 1, 2009, the AYSF governs and defines yoga sports rules, training, workshops, and education for yoga sports practitioners, athletes, coaches, and judges throughout the Asian continent. The AYSF hosts yoga sports trainings, camps, and championships in different age groups and yoga styles. 

The AYSF crowned its first men’s and women’s Asian yoga sports champions in 2010, and the first yoga sports champion under IYSF Switzerland in 2016 in Singapore.

AYSF membership includes the yoga sports national federations of 19 countries and is growing since 2009. Its headquarters are located in Singapore. The AYSF was a member of the IYSF Switzerland until 2020, and then joined the Australasian Yoga Sports (AAYSF) to grow yoga sports in the region under the IYSC.

In 2023, the AYSF will continue to grow and expand its reach across Asia. The AYSF will also continue to develop new yoga sports programs and initiatives that promote the benefits of yoga sports for people of all ages and abilities. The AYSF is confident that yoga sports can play a positive role in making the world a better place, and the AYSF is committed to working towards this goal.

  • The AYSF is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advancing the yoga sports movement in Asia.
  • The AYSF organizes yoga sports competitions, workshops, and trainings.
  • The AYSF also provides resources and support to yoga athletes and coaches.
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